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Lean on our 20+ years of sales and marketing expertise so you can get back to your first love, CARING FOR PATIENTS!


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Medical School Didn’t Cover Business Management & Marketing. No Worries, That’s Our Specialty!
Yet, you’re expected to ignite and cultivate a flourishing medical practice. How can you maintain patient focus while grappling with daily operational frustrations and exhaustion?

Allow us to assist with what you need to market and expand your practice effectively so you to keep your focus on taking care of patients.

It’s time for change. If not, here’s the potential prognosis:

You continue to work on, not in your business.
Your frustration and exhaustion continues; eventually leads to burnout.
Your patients don’t get the care you feel they deserve.

Consider this your business & marketing RX!

You deserve to have a practice where you feel fulfilled and rewarded. Passion meets profit. Enjoy your work, reap the benefits.

You’ll Be Setup For Success

Using proven business and marketing processes , we’ll promptly set you on the right trajectory towards a prosperous practice. Together, we’ll create a buzz and amplify your referrals.

Take care of patients your way

You’ve spent many years getting specialized training to help people. We’ll help you implement processes to allow you to use the skills & knowledge you’ve spent so much time acquiring – Treating Patients.

Increase Your Revenue

With my team, and me as your coach or practice consultant, you’ll possess the tools to make decisions to positively impact your practice and future. No need to struggle solo anymore.

Experience business savvy confidence:

Done correctly, your practice can not only reward you financially, but also free up more time for loved ones and hobbies you cherish.

Business & marketing services
Revolutionize Your Practice: Tools and Strategies to Thrive and Flourish!

Small Business Flight School

A 6 month program to help small business owner double their revenue.

Brand Strategy

We’ll help your businesses communicate its most powerful messages simply and clearly.

One-on-One Coaching

Have a specific need or an area you’d like help or consultation? We can help!

Website Development

Create a website that attracts and engages your clients/patients.

Email Marketing

Partner with you to create the kind of email marketing to get your clients/patients opening, clicking, and buying.
Meet your business & marketing partner and storybrand™ certified guide

Hello there! My name is George Chandler, Founder and Principal Consultant of APPLIED IRON CREATIVE and a StoryBrand™ Certified Guide.

Having spent over 20 years at two Fortune-100 corporate healthcare organizations, APPLIED IRON CREATIVE was born out of a recognized need and desire to serve private healthcare ​practices.

I know what it takes to run a successful practice. It’s my mission to serve and support you and to successfully navigate the complex business & marketing waters and achieve the growth you seek.

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Our first phone call will be 100% focused on you and your business to discover how we can partner to achieve your goals.


Map Out Your Business & Marketing Needs

Based on our discovery session, we’ll strategize, create and implement what you need so you can get back to treating patients!


Do What You Love!

Patient Care! It’s why you got into medicine. You sleep well knowing your practice is also growing and producing consistent predictable revenue!

George Chandler understands what and how a physician’s office works and maximizes his efforts promptly and professionally. His confidence and character are indeed a benefit to any organization. My staff and I hold George in the highest regard.
George S., MD
Partnering with George Chandler on StoryBrand messaging for my website and my non-profit has been a rewarding experience, and I’m delighted with the strides we’ve made. George is a pleasure to work with, always ensuring he delivers on his promises. His proficiency in StoryBrand and the correct use of its framework have facilitated more precise and effective communication with my clients.
Bettina Sellers
Bettina’s Clean Comedy 4 a Cause
George Chandler understands what and how a physician’s office works and maximizes his efforts promptly and professionally. His confidence and character are indeed a benefit to any organization. My staff and I hold George in the highest regard.
George S., MD

 Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t see your question? Schedule a call below and let’s chat!
What is the StoryBrand methodology?
The StoryBrand methodology is a marketing approach designed by Donald Miller. It applies the principles of storytelling to business messaging, making it clearer and more engaging. It helps businesses clarify their message and effectively communicate how they help their customers to improve their marketing efforts.
How can the StoryBrand framework help improve my business?
The StoryBrand framework can help your business by making your messaging clear, compelling, and customer-centric. By positioning the customer as the hero and your business as the guide, you can more effectively attract and engage customers. This can lead to increased customer retention, better conversion rates, and, ultimately, increased revenue.
What is a 'BrandScript' in the context of the StoryBrand methodology?
A BrandScript, in the context of StoryBrand, is a tool used to clarify your message. It’s essentially a seven-part framework that helps you craft a compelling narrative about your brand, with the customer as the hero and your business as the guide that helps them overcome a problem and achieve their goals.
How does the StoryBrand framework apply the principles of storytelling to marketing?
The StoryBrand framework applies storytelling principles by structuring your brand’s message around a narrative in which the customer is the hero, your business is the guide, and the product or service you offer is the tool that helps them overcome a challenge and achieve a successful outcome.
How can I implement the StoryBrand methodology in my business's marketing strategy?
Implementing the StoryBrand methodology involves first understanding and defining each part of the BrandScript for your business. Once you’ve clarified your message, you can apply it across all your marketing materials, such as your website, emails, social media posts, and sales presentations.
Can the StoryBrand methodology be applied to any business or industry?
Yes, the StoryBrand/Business Made Simple methodology can be applied to any business or industry. The principles of clear messaging and storytelling are universally effective for communicating value and engaging customers.
What types of businesses have successfully used the StoryBrand framework?
Many types of businesses, from startups to established enterprises and across various industries, have successfully used the StoryBrand/Business Made Simple framework. Examples include service-based businesses, e-commerce companies, nonprofits, and more.
How does the StoryBrand methodology enhance customer engagement?
The StoryBrand/Business Made Simple methodology enhances customer engagement by making your brand’s message clear, relatable, and focused on the customer’s needs and desires. By presenting the customer as the hero of their own story, customers are more likely to connect with your brand and be motivated to take action.
How can the StoryBrand methodology help me clarify my business message?
The StoryBrand/Business Made Simple methodology uses a seven-part framework to help you define and articulate each part of your brand’s story, from the problem your customers face, to how your business helps them overcome this problem to the successful outcome they achieve. This process helps you distill your business message into a clear, compelling narrative.
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